Mallorca's character although shaped by its climate, has more to offer than just sun, sea and sand. You'll discover Gothic architecture, picturesque hilltop villages, olive groves and secluded coves. With rustic farmhouses and contemporary villas, it’s the perfect relaxation destination. .


Award winning golf courses will entice players of all handicaps; horse riding will appeal to seasoned riders and novices alike; road cycling brings fun to the whole family, while aquariums bring you face to face with the oceans finest fish. Continuing with the water theme there is also the opportunity to dive deep into Mallorca’s blue oceans – a thrilling experience not to be missed.


Contrasting architecture is displayed within Poble Espanyol, where the cities of Cordoba, Todelo and Madrid are each represented in a mock village. A history lesson in cultural Spain, a visit here is both educational and rewarding. So too is a trip to the local cathedral or the Castillo De Santueri, both Spanish monuments.


The world famous city of Palma meanwhile is shopping central and every fashionista’s dream. Leading retail lines adorn every store, gifting tourists with the opportunity to ratchet up the glamour stakes. Tourists are also drawn to the outdoor cinema, where films are enjoyed beneath romantic starlight.


Boasting 120 beaches, including the popular El Tranc, there is no shortage of sun, sea and sand to be had. Whatever your location a golden strip is never too far away, one of many reasons Mallorca remains Europe’s best loved holiday destination.


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